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19 Sept. 2000-
new programs!

 The project was initiated by Sidor Sinebrychoff in 1994

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Welcome to the Sick'n'Soft site!

There are over 200 funny programs on the site: mock antiviruses & office applications, crazy games, horror programs, "formatters", "deleters". (There are no Christmas screenmates 'cause they're not funny). Our funnyware is the funniest funnyware!!!

Enjoy our site && download our programs!
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Windows Funny Progs
for Win95, NT, 2000.
DOS Progs
for Ms-DOS mode only

funny sites from all over the world
victims' letters to the authors of programs 

Newest applicatons:

Minesweeper - like original game, but jumping.
High Performance - imitates Windows deleting.
Jumping "Start" - The "Start" button is jumping every 50 seconds.

Cockroaches (vermin) - Many thousand of bugs run on your Desktop.

Alcoholic Test - If you've overdrunk, U see double Desktop.

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Funny Programs

All the programs in this area are for Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000). They are divided in several groops below. If you want to open the full list of programs, press here.

see also: progs for DOS      


Interface funnyware can: Rotate windows, shoot down sites, make "ОК" & "Cancel" buttons jump up! and even hide "Start" button!

Stupid creatures

Crazy creatures who live in your computer. They do love to eat your windows & deficate on the Desktop. Sheep, Rat, Bill Gates, Mr.Bean. 

Mock progs &

They "delete" all programs on drive C:, "format" disks, "delete" Windows & "install" an ugly virus.


They are shouting, cursing & sing bad songs.


Resident programs, which stay in Windows memory FOREVER.


Various progs, including Alcoholic intocsication test, toilet test and scanner of alians.

A collection of internet humor

Link on us: if you put our link on your site - write us - we will place your link on the special thanks page.

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Funny Progs

All the programs are for DOS. They are divided in several groops below. If you want to download the full list of them, press here.

Mock & horror programs

False Norton Commander, Speedisk, Turbo Pascacal etc.
Programs which "delete" all programs on drive C:, "format" disks, flood drive C:


Resident programs, which stay in DOS memory.


Cry, shout, use bad language, play bad songs & hee-haw.


Other progs. Crazy texts generator, crazy games etc.

Free CD-ROM Software


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